Learn how to sing from your iPad


Shed Light Events has been put on hold while we focus on building another great resource for singers, a digital magazine called iSing! We've just published the mag's first issue and would love it if you'd check it out in the App Store or in Google Play!


Some of you will already be familiar with Dave Stroud’s fantastic app VocalizeU. Simulated lessons and instructional videos for singers who can’t always get to a teacher or want to further their vocal and musical development under their own steam. The app also has a piano, preset accompaniment for your own vocal workouts (I use this facility when I can’t access a keyboard or piano), vocal technique education, ear training, health advice from a well know LA based ENT who works with singers regularly and a direct link to a live teacher online. Click here to find out more and buy at the bargain price of $39. Click HERE to go to the iTunes Store and buy now. Let me know if you have any queries.

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